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Test yourself..
« on: 06/01/2008 18:20:22 »
1)Disregarding air drag, how fast must you toss a ball stright upward in order to remain in the air for a total time of 2 s? 1)15m/s 2)7.5m/s 3)5m/s 4)300m/s/s

2)If a baseball being thrown goes from zero to 30m/s in 0.1s, what is its average speed?
1)30m/s/s 2)3m/s/s 3)3000m/s/s 4)300m/s/s 5)none of these

3)If a rocket accelerates from rest at a rate of 50m/s/s for 10s, the distance it will cover during this time is about 1)5000m. 2)250m. 3)500m. 4)2500m. 5)none of these

4)The vertical height attained by a basketball player who achieves a hang time of a full 1s is about 1)2.5m 2)1m. 3)more than 2.5m. 4)1.2m. 5)0.5m.

i thought it was alright..but i didnt get them all right.. [:D]