Question about Life.

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Question about Life.
« on: 08/01/2008 16:30:33 »
Question about Life.
What inhale the Life in formulas and equations ?
What must be present in a body to make it alive ?
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My answer.
Soul. Quantum of Light / Electron.
Why Light Quanta /Electron?
From all particles, only and only
the Quantum of light is a privileged particle.
Only Light quantum has
the speed of absolute quantity c=1.
No other particle can travel with the speed c = 1.
The physicists said:  Light Quanta has dualistic behaviour.
I say : The dualism of Light Quanta connects with its ability
 to be Electron. ( according to the “ Law of conservation and
 transformation energy. “ and the " Lorentz transformations")
According a " big bang" our Universe exist 13 (+ ) billion years.
My question :
Is it possible to create a child from cell [ zigota] only in 280
according to Probability theory? If  " yes "it will be take time not
280 days but will take time more than our Universe exist.
If " no " so the process must have aim.
 It means somebody /something  must manage this process.
  So, which answer is really true?
My opinion :
It is impossible, according to Probability theory , only in 280 days
to create a physical body, who we named " child ", from billions
 and billions different cells.  It means the Probability theory
doesn’t work in cell theory, doesn’t work in biophysics.
It means the Probability theory doesn’t work in period of woman's
pregnancy. It means  somebody /something  must manage
the creating of child . The religion says : " it is soul".
I say: " The privileged particle  Quantum of light / Electron must
 manage this process. (According my interpretation SRT + QED) "
Some people that survived from clinical death,
claim that they saw light, they saw their material body
and everything happening around as  from the side,
that in this moment they were not a material body.
Who were they?
=========== . ========
Somebody wrote to me:
I’m trying to understand what you are saying here.
 Are you saying that there is a single electron (or photon?),
the spiritual particle, somewhere in each of our brains
 that is an antenna-like receiver for divine transmissions?
 And we can acquire new forces and abilities by listening to it?

 I say: Yes, exactly so.
Usually ITS action is almost completely disguised with the other
(mechanical, electromagnetic, nuclear, chemical ……etc),
therefore it remains unnoticed in an ordinary processes.
The situation is:  hw < kT ( all another powers).
But sometime ( for example in critical situation )
the energy of electron can be : hw> kT.
The small energy of electron is higher
than common electric field of brain.
All of us have the personal God / Soul
and it is  Light Quanta / Electron.
Best wishes.
The secret of 'God' and 'Existence' hide
 in the “Theory of Light quanta”.