RSI - revist of theory

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RSI - revist of theory
« on: 09/01/2008 07:58:03 »
Hi all, I am questioning the definition of RSI and assert it seems to me a bio mechanical problem of the body, not a repetitive strain of the muscles.

Idea ... the back is in balance, otherwise you fall over.
The back is in dynamic balance, otherwise you could not move.
A twist of the spine requires a twist of the arms or legs or neck to balance.
If a twist is introduced into the spine - it will twist the arms.
If you use the arms in a way which requires it to twist in the opposite direction, the internal conflict can cause what is diagnosed as RSI.

Experiment ... sit down and twist one shoulder backwards and look at what the arm does in such a position. The arm rotates with the shoulder.

Consider for a moment... if one shoulder is twisted backward and you were to type ... would you not be required to twist the arm in the opposite direction to the natural inclination?

This internal conflict is the effect of having a twist in your shoulders ...
Ergo RSI is the long term deterioration of the posture which results in a twist of the shoulders.  This creates a mechanical conflict within the arm ... which can cause a posture problem which generates pain, lack of power, and the other symptoms of RSI.

Have fun with this idea. Oh BTW ... the theory works. It not only predicts the cause, it also predicts possible solutions. These theoretical solutions work.