Am I red..Or black?

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Am I red..Or black?
« on: 17/01/2008 22:46:57 »
Hey guys. I was wondring, all of (most of) my internal organs are red, so am i red inside..or black because of th abence of light?



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Am I red..Or black?
« Reply #1 on: 17/01/2008 23:36:04 »
There is an old Hungarian saying (so I've been told) that in the night all cattle look black.

Colour (as has been said before in several other threads) is a matter of perception, which depends on context.

If you are in a context where there is no light, then the only colour you will see is black.  You can put what looks like a bright red pullover into a room without light, and it will look black.  Does that mean it has changed colour?  You can simply move from sunlight to indoor incandescent lighting and the colour of you clothes will change (which is why people will often take clothes they are trying on near a window or outside, in order to see the colour in daylight - and why craft shops will sell daylight balanced light bulbs for people who are doing work where colour is critical).

So the question really in in what context are you judging the colour - in natural daylight, or in a darkened space?

Then again, most of your organs are not even red, not even in daylight.  Most of your organs are saturated with blood, and healthy oxygenated blood is red, and it is this that will make the organs look red.  Without the blood, different parts of the internal organs will be different colours (hence areas of the brain known as grey matter, and the substantia nigra (black substance), and the gall bladder will contain bile, which is yellow to green).