Big Bang Initial Conditions

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Big Bang Initial Conditions
« on: 19/01/2008 18:36:17 »
From what I've read, the theory of the BB was deduced by running the general relativity equations in reverse to a singularity.  But if one runs the equations forward from the singularity, i.e., infinite initial conditions, there is no solution! Hmmm. It seems that theoretical physicists resort to QFT near the singularity to explain what went on. Then after all matter and energy have coalesced, they resort to general relativity.  In my opinion, singularities exist only on paper.  Unless someone out there can give a concrete example of a physical singularity, I will stick to my opinion.

Another thing that bothers me is inflation.  If I remember correctly, inflation occurred shortly after the Bang.  So, how could the coalescence occur if stuff was so thinly spread out?



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Big Bang Initial Conditions
« Reply #1 on: 19/01/2008 19:05:00 »
I thought a singularity was a term used for something which cant be explained by physics as its about infinity.

In other words we don't know what a "singularity" is.