The Scientific Method ?

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The Scientific Method ?
« on: 20/01/2008 19:28:04 »
Dear Scientists, Technologists and Academic Degree Orientated Experts In Various Fields And Those Related To Such,

You're all amazing you are !!

Is it possible to explain here the Scientific Method....which I gather is a set of protocols ? rules and regulations ? Guidelines ?...set out in a particular structure/format that enables you lot to do what you do ?

Does it ever fluctuate ?...can it be flexible ?....does it change to accommodate the branch of science one works in ?


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The Scientific Method ?
« Reply #1 on: 20/01/2008 20:38:30 »
form multiple hypotheses
test to see which has the best fit, recording all data
refine hypothesis
test again
repeat until you can reproduce the same results every time.

In Geology, the time required for this is too long for one lifetime so we ASSUME that "the present is the key to the past" Observe present processes, quantify, form multiple hypotheses, try to reproduce on small scale, see if reproducible, and try to apply to the large scale.

See T. C. Chamberlin, The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses at

This is the first comprehensive statement of the formal scientific process. And he was a GELOGIST!

Also interesting are his views on climate change, which match those of today.,M1

See Wiki as well -
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