Stammering stressed leftie

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Stammering stressed leftie
« on: 19/08/2004 22:33:49 »
Amongst my thousands of ailments, all of which I will get around to posting eventually, (well, everybody else has done it!) I occasionally get a bit worked up and stutter my speech. I saw a documentary about stammering folk and their treatment, I'm sure the ones who were seen writing were all left handed. I'm a gaucho but not totally. I can blugrass fingerpick easily enough with my right hand and don't have to turn the guitar over in a Hendrix stylie. Is there some correlation between left-handedness and stammering?

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Re: Stammering stressed leftie
« Reply #1 on: 20/08/2004 02:31:02 »
I'm right handed and sometimes stutter when I get my feathers ruffled.
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