Melting versus Combustables ? Is Life one big Melt ?

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Dear all,

Is life one big Melt ?

Things like wood and paper do not have a half way house zone where they melt yes ?

But things like , plastic, rubber, steel, ice, wax,even rock..can all go through a melting phase if heated up slowly enough right ?......



But not a tree ?...or hair ?..paper ?

Why is life and all we know just one big 'Melt ' ?...and why do the things that don't melt.......... not melt ?

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Melting versus Combustables ? Is Life one big Melt ?
« Reply #1 on: 01/02/2008 18:26:01 »
Plastics come in two forms, those that melt, and those that don't melt.

In reality, one could argue that everything would melt, if it could get hot enough without first chemically breaking down.  Those things that appear not to melt don't melt because by the time the substance would have got hot enough to reach its melting point, it has already chemically broken down, so is no more.