i need help i hd a stroke

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i need help i hd a stroke
« on: 31/08/2004 19:44:20 »
i had a  hemmorhagic stroke on 6-12-01ive tried all sorts of things to get better  i have left side paralysis i tried chelation. 30hours of hyperbaric oxygen vasodilators from dr. hammesfahr
and now i will try nerve regeneration with laser. if anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of my paralysis i would like to hear them. pls.
thank you,
miles sakaguchi
honolulu, hawaii


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Re: i need help i hd a stroke
« Reply #1 on: 29/05/2005 20:33:07 »
Hi Miles, I have sent some information, let me know if you have not received it or can't open the files.


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Re: i need help i hd a stroke
« Reply #2 on: 29/05/2005 21:32:15 »
Hi Miles, any family of Hironobu Sakaguchi by any chance? (of Final Fantasy fame)

I guess you know the outlook on recovery from that type is very dim after a few years. The best doctors can do these days is start treatment preferably within minutes of the stroke itself, and preferably seconds, if they could have their way. Once nerve damage sets in, most of it is permanent, as far as we know. Sad, and disheartening perhaps, but the truth. So please do not expect the impossible from anyone here, and don't *let* anyone promise it to you. Those people are to be avoided, I fear.

I know they do some stuff in China these days with stemcells, mostly frowned upon by Western scientists, prohibitively expensive for most, quite some operation I heard under sometimes rather primitive circumstances, or even more than one, and if there are results, they are in quite a few cases not of a permanent nature. In some cases this leads to a short return of previous abilities, only to lose them a second time, something which I do not even wish to contemplate too much on.

I wish you the strength to accept the rough deal dealt to you, and hope some miracle development in nerve regeneration, through stemcells maybe, can help to improve your situation, but these things can take years, as you may be aware of, especially if you have already been looking around. I wouldn't waste my time on trying to find miracle cures though.

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