Is NOT real sugar actually sweet ?..and other sweet orientated queries !!

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Dear SugarSweetologists (and Verruca Salt ..quick quiz...who is Verruca Salt?)

Is FAKE sugar like this :


attaining REAL sweetness like this ?


Or is it trickery that fools your taste buds ?...If does it do it ?..what about insects and other sugar loving species ?..will they readily accept fake sugar with all it's artificial sweetness luff and joy ?

Anyway, the kettles lump or seven ?

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BTW If I pit out cubed real sugar and then open the fake stuff and set it out.. The ants do not even go near the fake but they do however swarm the real.. especially if I have forgotten to defend the house before winter! LOL So I think there must be some difference!
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I don't think insects would like aspartame, sucralose or saccharin.

All of the above are much sweeter than sucrose, perhaps that has something to do with the mass insect rejection.

"(and Verruca Salt ..quick quiz...who is Verruca Salt?)"

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