Resting heart-rate

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Resting heart-rate
« on: 12/02/2008 21:48:54 »
I am a rather fat 33yr old male. (120kg but working on it, gentle excercise, lowered kJ intake, down 2.5kg on last month  [:)])

Does obesity effect heart-rate? I consistantly meaure my resting HR at 58-64 per minute, this morning 54! Am I doing it wrong (two finger tips on my wrist)? or do fat peoples hearts beat slower? I understood a slow HR was a sign of a fit person,I would certainly not call myself that. Could I have some other problem going on? Despite the obesity, I keep pretty good health, nothing worse than the common cold to complain about.


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Resting heart-rate
« Reply #1 on: 12/02/2008 22:11:26 »
i would have guessed a larger person to have to higher heart rate.  but there are so many factors that control heart rate, its hard to know what your specific situation is.
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Resting heart-rate
« Reply #2 on: 12/02/2008 22:18:28 »
The main issue concerning the resting heart rate, as far as I know, is the size of the heart (the bigger your heart, the fewer beats it needs to keep the same amount of blood flowing).  If you do a lot of exercise that stresses your heart, if will cause your heart to grow (as stressing any muscle will cause it to grow), so people who do a lot of exercise will tend to have lower heart rates (it should be noted that very big hearts are not necessarily healthy).

But like all things, there are factors that would cause variation on your heart size even in the absence of exercise.

I don't know (but others might be more knowledgeable) if there is any correlation between obesity and heart rate within the normal spectrum, although ofcourse one would expect that someone who is a racing cyclist would have an exceptionally large heart, and would not be obese, but it is not the lack of obesity that causes the large heart, but the intense cycling that is the common cause of them both.