Sun and moon at the same time! is the world about to end?

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Travelling on a train this afternoon, i noticed that both the sun and moon were out, and at the (rough) same height, about 30 degrees. What's going on?
Also, it is night time in the southern hemesphere, so have we stolen their moon? What are they seeing?


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Sun and moon at the same time! is the world about to end?
« Reply #1 on: 18/02/2008 18:54:24 »
Don't be silly it is perfectly obvious that both the sun and the moon are above the horizon on average for half the year wherever you are in the world so as the sun and moon rise and set at gradually changing different times each day the moon is above the horizon fo half of the daytime and half of the night time over a whole year.  It is just that it is much less easy to see the moon during the daytime so most people don't notice it most of the time.  however in late winter the rising moon when it is approaching full and easiest to see is at its highest in ther skies of the northern hemisphere in the afternoon when most people can see it.  Later in the spring the first quarter and then the crescent are particularly easy to see.  In late summer and autumn it is first the waning crescent then the last quarter and finally the gibbous moon that are in the best positions but these are often early in the morning so a lot of people do not have as much opportunity to see them.

In the southern hemispohere the situation is the opposite as far as months are concerned but as the seasons are reversed exactly the same rules apply when it is described in terms of seasons as I have above!
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