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« on: 23/02/2008 11:37:10 »
What I do is very much Sung Zen and I could spend eternity trying to explain and you may still not understand.
Application to science is not difficult, possibly most basic principle is to understand the essence of reality and for this you must extract everything until you are left with just space.
Then place each component back into the, there is no comparable word but perhaps picture will do since it is a visual representation of a thought.
If components not placed correctly, there is chaos, the object is to create order from chaos, yes?
Also words can create, picture, which creates thought,
This Haiku written by a wise man is about duality
plum tree on the fence
throwing its petals equally
on either side.
This whole process equates pretty much to Western Meta-physics except more disciplined.
Apply this to four fundamentals and you have something which is both independent and complex with interaction.
Therefore independent complexity in nature.
Simple yes?


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« Reply #1 on: 23/02/2008 23:42:10 »
The cosmological principle states that man has no special place in the universe which is much the same everywhere you go.  This gave us the big bang.

The perfect cosmological principle states that man has no special place or time in the universe which is much the same at all places and times.  The first theory that used this principle was Fred Hoyle's continuous creation theory which was proved wrong but suppose he was right and there was a comological theory that could fit the perfect cosmological theory and also be proved right.  What would it be like.  assuming that all current observations and interpretations are correct?
Learn, create, test and tell
evolution rules in all things
God says so!