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We've moved
« Reply #50 on: 30/03/2008 22:54:23 »
I think she means watercrass. - you know that green leafy sh*t that grows in streams? It is what those who aspire to be consider "polite company" serve on snooty little sandwiches at teas. 

I think that she got her first taste of it in the pasture she grew up in. It grew in the rivulet that ran through the pasture. I believe you or one of your family surveyed it at one time, rejecting it right off as too low-brow - lame goats,  refuse from unwanted items, etc. It flowed through a gypsy camp and with the abandoned cars and such was just not a very nice place.

Living in a dwelling is a large step up for her, even though, the floor needs to have a constant supply of hay on the floor.
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