Deficiencies in the Educational System

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Deficiencies in the Educational System
« on: 26/03/2008 11:19:39 »
What I will be saying next is based on my personal educational experiences in Brazil as student ( from year 1962 to 1980 ). However, since such educational system is copied from European and American educational models I assume ( hopefully not wrongly ) that my criticism could be extended to Europe and USA. Furthermore, based on some sparse information it seems that such educational paradigms remain basically the same still today.

Surely most people are not specially gifted with high levels of useful creativity, sharp, precise and tireless logical reasoning and predictive intuition.

But that does not mean that the Educational System should be so dull and inefficient that kills even the median creativity of the average student.

Far worst than that, the insipience,  uncreativeness  and dogmatic rigidity of the educational methods amounts to an endless psychological torture to enthusiastic, bright and highly creative students.

The educational curriculum is NOT planned to stimulate studentsí creativity and critical thinking.
Instead, it sees students as mere passive information storing machines. Passive memorization is rewarded well above than original thinking ( if it is rewarded at all ).

The educational system is more concerned on coaching students to be passive and obedient citizens who blindly obey authorities.

To aggravate even more the situation, most teachers are not endowed with real talent for teaching. Very few teachers know how to spark enthusiasm, creativity and impeccable logical reasoning in students. Very few of them inspire and deeply enlighten their students.

For my astonishment, University was even worst. The enormous amount of almost irrelevant information that I had to swallow and the number of boring and mediocre lectures that I had to attend was atrocious. And this happened in the best university of my country !

Surely, perhaps it is expected that not-very creative people to be happy with such system. So I would not be surprised to find some people who support it.

So, I would like to listen your opinion about the educational system and if you are also unhappy with it, what are your proposals for improving it?

( I, for instance, think that the basics of the scientific method and critical thinking should efficiently taught and exercised since the beginning of the secondary school period ).

Does somebody knows about the educational models of eastern developed countries like Japan, South Korea, etc ?


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Deficiencies in the Educational System
« Reply #1 on: 26/03/2008 13:11:26 »
I take your comments and agree in part with them and often feel that the essential material may be better presented not by local teachers but using really inspiring lecturers and visual aids with conventional teaches providing support to help with exercises on the material.

The requirement to pass examinations will always require the assimilation of a certain amount of rather dry information and good innovation cannot be achieved without a good understanding of the mathematics and basic science. Some of the questions and bad ideas presented in these pages can stand as examples of a poor basic understanding of how science works.

However don't let his statement deter the asking of questions it is only by asking and answering questions that the teaching errors will be corrected.

I personally am very worried about the teaching of physics.  Many physics teachers are far from experts in the field and the number of really good physics teachers is in decline.
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Deficiencies in the Educational System
« Reply #2 on: 26/03/2008 22:06:12 »
The education system in any country will always try to fit square pegs into round holes. When you are teaching a class of 30 children every one of them brings in a different outlook to life, their own strengths and weaknesses, their own style of learning and their own level of interest in the topic being taught. It is therefor quite an artform to inspire every child in the class, keep the less able up with the rest, stop the unruly from getting over excited and to bring enough teaching styles in to suit all pupils learning.

The problem with education system is that everyone has an opinion on it based on their own personal experience that they then take as everyones experience.

From teaching in Britain I have come to some conclusions of my own which are just my opinions and may not reflect other peoples experience.
1) When science became a compulsory subject at GCSE level (14-16) the level of disruption caused by the pupils that are not interested in science brought down the standards for those that were interested.
2) Because of this it became more difficult to do the more inspiring stuff as this requires a level of class discipline that no longer existed.
3) Constant changes, made by the government (starting about 15 years ago) to the curriculum including GCSE science meant the teachers were never able to get a good working scheme of work together. (I remember having to equip and teach a new topic in a week because the government had rushed a new GCSE curriculum in and the stuff was coming off the press just before we had to teach it.)
4)The previous GCSE science was too information packed.
5)The new GCSE science contains very little information and only assesses the interpretive skills of pupils given a set of data. No middle ground has been found.
6)Because of the low pay, high work levels,low quality of life and general stress most newly qualified teachers don't stay in the profession, me included. This means a lot of good teachers don't get the support to stick it out. This includes good physics teachers.
7)Schools and teacher trainers do not understand how much importance pupils place on e-learning.
8)The 'route out bad teachers' campaign launched by the conservatives made the general public lose respect for the teaching profession. Now pupils ridicule their teachers on special websites.
9)The morale in the teaching profession has been low for quite a while, this rubs off on their teaching.

rant over.   
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