Discuss: Tuberculosis and Magnetic Bacteria

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Discuss: Tuberculosis and Magnetic Bacteria
« on: 05/11/2009 10:57:14 »
This week we visit the Historic city of Edinburgh to put Scottish science under the microscope!  We discover the incredible magnetic bacteria and find out how their bio-nano-magnets could help treat cancer.  We find out how satellite images can help predict outbreaks of cholera, and talk about the twist in the tale of TB - drug resistant Tuberculosis has now been found in the UK, so what is this disease and how can we hope to treat it?  Also, how scientists have used cloned stem cells to treat Parkinson's disease in mice, how a whiff of anaesthetic could sooth traumatic memories and why bonobo apes play it safe while chimps like to gamble.  Plus, in Kitchen Science we find out how yeast makes fluffy bread and fizzy beer!
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