Antigravitational non-local mathematics experiment

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Hi, everyone!    

A. Zeilinger wrote, "All modern experiments confirm the quantum predictions with unprecedented precision. Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that a local realistic explanation of nature is not possible." (A. Zeilinger, Nature, 408 (2000), 639.)

We can make a home experiment to show that in the antigravitational field some non-local phenomena happen.

1  Steps of the experiment
Please visit the following link to view the picture.
(1)  Prepare a scrap of blank squared paper which is to be placed at an upper position and hence is called the upper scrap hereafter.
(2)  Lay the upper scrap face up at the inside bottom of the glass jar (see Section 1.2 of the Antigravitation Engine Site, hereafter called the Site), under the base of the motor.
(3)  Prepare a plastic box for holding a 3.5 inches floppy disc (hereafter called the disc box).
(4)  Prepare a scrap of blank squared paper which is to be placed at a lower position and hence is called the lower scrap hereafter.
On the lower scrap write 3+2=? with a black gel pen.
Please visit the following link to view the picture.
Lay the lower scrap face up in the disc box. Close the disc box.
(5)  Place the disc box and the batteries on a foam plastic board, and place the glass jar on the disc box, in front of the batteries. 
(6)  Place the foam plastic board on the water in a bathtub. With the help of a level gage, adjust the positions of the things on the board to make the board horizontal.
(7)  Start the motor, and the experiment begins.
In order to reduce |Σa'| (see Section 2.3 of Chapter 2 of the Site), or in other words, in order to prevent the antigravitational acceleration from becoming zero too often, the experiment should not be long exposed to strong light.
(8)  In order to observe the scraps of paper and to replace the batteries with newly charged ones, the experiment can be paused for a short while, which should be excluded from the duration of the experiment.
(9)  When the experiment finishes, hold the upper scrap up to the light. Observe the scrap as if observing the banknote watermark. Take pictures of the upper scrap.
(10)  If the message in the picture is not clear enough, the image in the picture can be processed by using Photoshop's Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast command, Image > Adjust > Posterize command, and Window > Channels > Green or Blue or Red command. 
(11)  Use Photoshop's Rotate command to rotate the image 90, 180, or 270 counterclockwise or clockwise, and then observe the image.

2  Experimental result
The picture of the upper scrap shows the result of the experiment, which lasted 135 hours 31 minutes.
Please visit the following link to view the raw picture of the upper scrap. The image is unprocessed.
The background light behind the scrap is the incandescent light, which is quite red.

It can be seen in the upper scrap that there is an image of the numeral 5 looking like a watermark.

For more information, please see the Antigravitation Engine Site.

The above experiment, as you can see, is easy to make at home, and you are sure to find some interesting consequences in your own experiments.

Best of luck from Zhang Xu