How much must I bet to ensure that I win no matter which horse comes first?

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a 4 horse race where no1 is 6/1,no2 is 11/1,no3 is 16/1 and no4 is 66/1.......I have 1.oo to divide on the four horses so that the final winnings are the same no matter which one wins...for example 40p on the 6/1 ,30p on the 11/1 and so on.I need the exact number of pennies for each horse,cheers -[?]spikey
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The bookies try to make sure that you can't. If they haven't done their sums right then you may win now and again. But, basically, the odds which are offered for a particular horse are calculated by taking the stakes laid on all the other horses and making sure that, if that horse wins, there should be enough money to pay off and to make a profit.
Individual bookies may get it wrong but, of course, they lay off bets if they are not confident of being able to cover a large risk.
 If you bet on the TOTE, then it is not possible because the odds are calculated after the race and they always make a small profit.