Low blood pressure

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Low blood pressure
« on: 22/04/2008 19:35:56 »
I just thought I would try and figure out what is goin on with me lately. I am 22 years old and in decent health. Yet for the past little while, my blood pressure seems to stay lower than 110/60. Generally between 101/51 to like 106/55. I am also a little lightheaded occasionally and get headaches sometimes. I feel fine but it concerns me. As does the fact that my stomach has been sensitive lately. But I've always had a sensitive stomach. What I want to know is should I be concerned? Or is this kind of low blood pressure and occasional lightheadedness normal? I know I don't drink much water, and I thought that could be the cause. But I thought I'd see what others think. [;D]


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Low blood pressure
« Reply #1 on: 23/04/2008 01:29:38 »
Most doctors will say that its entirely normal to have blood pressure on the lower end of the scale. But if you are getting symptoms such as lightheadedness then its something you should keep an eye on. Have some blood tests done and also an ECG or EKG trace.
Drinking adequate fluids and B-vitamin supplemention might help.
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