Will the change in the Earth's polarity effect our brains?

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When the polarity of the Earth switches around, might the magnetism cause or dull pain and thoughts, like magnets, suggesting the magnetism of the Earth effects the nervous system. What id the astronauts go through?

The sensation of being is a strong magnetic field, such as the magnet helmet, seems to lessen brain activity, and people describe the feeling of being near a great impersonal presence like the moon.
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I don't think there is much scientific evidence to suggest that magnetic fields have too much effect on humans at all. Though it has been shown that some birds use the earth's magnetic field for navigation. The earth's magnetic field is very low in any case. The problem with it switching round is that it probably has to go through some period where it is very weak indeed. This leaves the earth, and all life on it, at the mercy of a good deal more ionising radiation. This happens periodically though I don't think it is going to happen for some millennia so nothing to worry about right now.