Does prolotherapy work?

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Does prolotherapy work?
« on: 17/10/2004 23:10:35 »
hi:  has anyone had any experience with prolo and do you know any good drs. in canada (vancouver); also the states
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Does prolotherapy work?
« Reply #1 on: 24/06/2008 19:19:55 »
Prolo being prolapsed disk I take it? Relating to your username it seems logical

Not heard of anyone having the Prolotherapy. However,

Inclined Bed Therapy has been shown to be very effective with this condition, even when neurological damage has occurred resulting in loss of function and loss of sensation.

IBT applies gentle traction to the spine, while at the same time appears to stimulate neurological recovery. I suspect also that the increased circulation reported by many people who have tried this may be re-hydrating the fluid filled cushions between the vertebrate, though I cannot prove this is the case.

IBT is when you raise the upper part of the bed by 15 cm’s or 6 inches so the bed slopes down from head to toe at a five degree to the horizontal angle.

The traction occurs due to your body trying to move down the bed and the friction between yourself and the mattress applies the traction. This has been born out by an increase in height in adults and an obvious more upright posture.

Hope this is helpful

Google “Andrew  K Fletcher” or “inclined bed therapy” to research this subject.

Kind regards


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Science is continually evolving. Nothing is set in stone. Question everything and everyone. Always consider vested interests as a reason for miss-direction. But most of all explore and find answers that you are comfortable with