Is drinking dilute apple vinegar good for you?

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James Wilde

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Is drinking dilute apple vinegar good for you?
« on: 28/04/2008 08:29:09 »
James Wilde asked the Naked Scientists:
There is a widely held popular belief in Scandinavia that starting the day with a drink of apple vineger is good for your system. I have met this belief in Iceland, Sweden and Norway, and now it is emigrating to the US.

The drink is made of a half tumbler of cold water, a desert spoonful of apple vineger and, usually, a teaspoon of honey (to make the whole palatable) topped up with a dash of hot water to help dissolve the honey.

This potion is supposed to a) get your digestive system working and/or b) clean out your system plus of course being good for a long and healthy life.

My question: is there any scientific basis for this hypothesis?

Thanks in advance if you are able to use this.

PS Great show!
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Is drinking dilute apple vinegar good for you?
« Reply #1 on: 28/04/2008 08:53:29 »
Hm, not a very scientific presentation of the 'hypothesis', perhaps because the concepts themselves are a bit vague.  'Get your digestive system working': I suppose anything you imbibe would do this, but is it better to start with a mildly acidic, slightly sweetened mixture on an empty stomach?  'Clean out your system': presumably removing unwanted flora/fauna i the digestive system, and/or strengthening the body's natural defences against disease.  And by the way, I _can_ spell vinager, or do the British spell it vinagre?  I've been away too long!