A Digital Universe

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A Digital Universe
« on: 07/05/2008 05:34:55 »
Would it be possible to set off a big bang inside a HUGE computer complex all crunching away but speed up the process instead of a year taking a year compress that to say a minute in exactly the same conditions as ours and then we would start to see maybe 1 probable multi verse as it would be correct to at least 1 of them and it would advance quicker than our universe in the end I would think?

If life came into existance inside this universe and becamse self aware wouldnt it start to want to try and figure out who the heck started it off? and wonder whats outside of it's universe? What if some digital life in there worked out a way to get out we didn't spot and was infact more inteligent than us as the universe inside the computerized model was millions and millions of years ahead of ours?

Can anyone think of any other possibilities? If so are we real? Could this be what we are  [???]


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A Digital Universe
« Reply #1 on: 08/05/2008 04:15:34 »
Your first paragraph was pretty much incoherent, but computers as they are today aren't life and will not evolve, they do not reproduce or mutate.

If you're talking about simulating a universe from the start with computers, you could only simulate it vaguely and roughly and any kind of speed. there's no way you can simulate every atom and photon and particle and have life evolve
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A Digital Universe
« Reply #2 on: 10/05/2008 04:59:58 »
This is basically the simulation hypothesis, which isn't knew, but is still plausible.


In principle, you could probably simulate a universe in some very advanced, giant computer down to the subatomic level. It would help if the civilization that created the computer had a working unified field theory, so that they would know how to more accurately simulate everything. The smaller the universe (the fewer particles), the easier the simulation would be.

Imagine if you could build a computer the size of a planet:


It's also possible that whatever civilization created our universe could reside in a far larger, far more complex universe than our own. They wouldn't necessarily have to have the same laws of physics that we do. I mean, our own computer simulations can simulate different laws of physics than in the real world. Therefore, simulating our Universe might be relatively easy for them. There's also the possibility that their universe has magic in it. All they would have to do is wave their magic wand and "poof!" our universe appears.

Of course, we need a reason to believe the simulation hypothesis, otherwise we could become needlessly paranoid. Then there's another question: if we could prove that the simulation hypothesis were correct, would it matter? What could we do about it? Surely we couldn't force our creator(s) to do anything differently than they already do. However, it's possible that our universe is some kind of "game" that our creator(s) made. Perhaps the point of this game is for the created life forms within it to prove to themselves that they are in a simulation. Who knows what the winners would get as a prize?
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