favorite tv show

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favorite tv show
« Reply #50 on: 05/09/2010 12:26:32 »
Sports: Cricket - test matches, ODIs, 20-20 in that order
        Football (soccer to our US friends), MOTD

SciFi: Stargate Universe (not the other Stargate series which were poor (IMHO))
       Battlestar Galactica (Fairly recent series not the old rubbish)

Drama: Currently "Wallander" (Swedish with subtitles - not the british version)

Science documentaries: None at all - they are all quite poor (though I still watch them)

History: Many quite good but variable, on BBC and channel 4

Wildlife: David Attenborough stuff still good

Politics: This Week, Question Time, The Politics Show.

Comedy: Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You


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favorite tv show
« Reply #51 on: 07/09/2010 04:37:14 »
definitely CSI.
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favorite tv show
« Reply #52 on: 07/09/2010 10:34:19 »
New Tricks. Some of the "throw aways" are brilliant.

Are they still producing them in the UK?

There's a new series just being aired.
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