Why do women develop menstrually-linked food cravings?

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Jennifer asked the Naked Scientists:

Hello from North Dakota, USA.

I really enjoy listening to your podcast and learn something new from every episode. I have a question for your team. Why do some women have cravings for high carb/fat foods just prior to or at the onset of monthly menstruation? Is this biological or psychological? Is there anything a woman can do to reduce the intensity of these cravings?

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Why do women develop menstrually-linked food cravings?
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Oooooh yes, that is a great question, so I'm not the only one! I get the munchies too once in a month.

I make sure I have not too many high caloric foods in the house, and eat raw veggies with some dip instead, carrots, cabbage turnip, florence fennel etc.
That lets me munch on something, but is low in calories and full of vitamins and stuff.

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