Why did i put weight on after stopping smoking?

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Why did i put weight on after stopping smoking?
« on: 13/05/2008 16:12:10 »
So i stopped smoking about 3 months ago, i don't think my eating habbits have changed too much. I do feel hungry since i stopped smoking! never did before! Any way, why have i put weight on, what is it about "fags" that kept the weight off. Was i always a fat guy trapped in the body of a hunk? Where can i buy a training bra from?


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Why did i put weight on after stopping smoking?
« Reply #1 on: 13/05/2008 19:12:29 »
lol...and congratulaions.... I always thought cigaretteswere a type of appetite supressant in the fact that it hid the real flavor of food. After stopping you should have noticed an increased awareness in the flavor of foods. my family have always been huge smokers, so have ha lots of experience with people ceasing smoking!

Its nt easy.. you did good..
most b of the time unconsciously ones body will switch habbits and substitute the food for the nicotene without even thinking about it. like bringing the hand to the mouth becomes habit so too, having something in your mouth....
Its not that you were ever a fat guy hiding in a studs body, lol Its just that the loss of the addiction tendsto make one substitute it. As you say you do not notice that you are not eatindg more, may be true.. you just kind of keep track when you crave the cigarette, what you do following that craving... not just at that moment but for quit a bit after... remembering that as irecall nicotene is a bit of a stimulant isn''t it?
anyway just get you a tab and writ down everything you do for a couple days.....especially note when you have a craving..... then before you look atyour notes.. jot down the times of day you used t have a cigarette... at least the time you recall for sure....you know like break time after dinner or before..etc.. then compare those times with the currant behavior you may find that maybe you don't do the same activity at those timeis now and you may need t increase your activity during those points of v the day... did you go for a walk and smoke what it the eplacement behavior..

I am very proud of you for being able to kick the habit.. it is tough to do.. you are almost done. this is your last hurdle....YAYYYYYYYY!

Great job paul....thats wonderful.

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