Police, Camera, Ask a silly question..

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Police, Camera, Ask a silly question..
« on: 01/06/2008 22:24:05 »
I watched the end of 1 of these police reality programs this eve while waiting for something sensible to come on. I'm glad I did because I had a good chuckle at 1 particular clip.

Police in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, stopped a group of drunken youths in the street. Now, these kids weren't exactly gangstas. They were spotty, upper class, schoolboy types who thought they'd be naughty by drinking cider in the local park.

When the police approached them, 1 of the youths dropped a big sign on the ground. The sign said "MARLOW RUGBY CLUB".

Now, remember - this is in Marlow, the sign said "MARLOW RUGBY CLUB". So, what was the first thing the policewoman asked the youth who dropped it?

"What's your name?" - no.
"Where do you live?" - no.
"What were you doing with that?" - no.

What she actually asked was "Where did you get that?"

Now, maybe I'm being a bit simplistic, but I would have thought the answer was bloody obvious - he got it from Marlow Rugby Club!

But my amusement didn't stop there. The policewoman ascertained their ages as between 16 & 17. She proceeded to berate them about vandalism & drinking under age. While she was doing this the youth who had the sign was standing there with his hands up gawping like a startled bushbaby!
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