What are the long term effects of underground coal gasification (UGC)?

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As we all know, global warming and the high prices of oil is a major issue these days and for the upcoming days too. That is why, we need new methods to obtain greater amount of energies with low damage level to our environment.

One method which i learned and did a scientific report on was about UCG or Underground Coal Gasification. It is already quite known especially in Russia who was the first country to use this technique.
1. Oxygen is being injected in the injection well directed to the coal cavity underground.
2. Syngas are produced and are directed to to the production well.
3. These gases are being processed creating gas energy.
This method is much better than via open mining or close mining because:
1. Dusts which are being produced from the burning of coal underground aren't sent above (kept underground).
2. Less area of exploitation and not need bomb to take out the upper groud and many other advantages which you can see in sites at google (typing UCG)

So my question is what do you think of the usage of this technique as the long term effect? And do you think this technique can be applied in countries such Indonesia since it needs a lot of investment? Also are there any better and newer technique is coal mining which is safer for our environment? [???]
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A somewhat more effective but also more expensive use of energy is making gas and gasoline from coal. It is more ecologically unfavorable as well.

So I would say that at present, coal gasification is the cleanest but least efficient way to get energy from coal.

There isn't anything new except variations on the basic method. Minor things such as drilling horizontally.
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