What might be the problem

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What might be the problem
« on: 24/11/2004 13:11:22 »
I am 23 and have several problems with my genitals
If i do not have such 4 more than 5 days, or had 2 much 4 a day, i get the itching irritation in my forehead. This irritation will go away only if i have sex again. I also get the itching in my scrotum sack.

Problem 2
During problem1 i also get the edge to urinate, but it takes a while 2 urinate, and when i do i urinate a little, when i finish n sit down or do something last drops comes out, making marks on my trousers



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Re: What might be the problem
« Reply #1 on: 24/11/2004 16:23:59 »
Go to your urologist for an examination. It sounds like a prostate infection. I've never heard of it causing itching in the head, but that could be psychosomatic. The itching in the scrotum, urge to urinate, and leaking are all symptoms of prostate infection. Do not delay, as this is hard enough to cure even when caught early. It is probably already in your bladder (hence urge to urinate) and can spread to the kidneys (OUCH!), so get some medicine now.
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Re: What might be the problem
« Reply #2 on: 24/11/2004 22:02:43 »
I agree with gsmollin. Also, it could be thrush or clamydia. They're both less of a problem than a prostate infection and can be treated.


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Re: What might be the problem
« Reply #3 on: 24/11/2004 22:49:32 »
Yep...down the doctors with you....with luck a simple course of antibiotics or something (I'm just guessing, I'm NOT a doctor)and maybe cream and you'll be ok...one thing though...make sure YOU DO GO to the doctors...I don't need to be qualified to agree with Gsmollin and Roberth.

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Men are the same as women, just inside out !