How do contact lenses worn at night correct vision?

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Keerthana Vedanayagan

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Keerthana Vedanayagan  asked the Naked Scientists:

Dear Sir,

I am Keerthana from India. I want to know the details about the contact lens which could be worn in the night and removed in the morning with the result one need not wear any glasses for the whole day. Please furnish me the details the way the lens works

1. whether there is any medical coating on the lens which gets transferred to cornea.
2. Whether there are any vibration activities through which vision power gets transferred to cornea.
3. If there are any other reasons, kindly specify.

If the power transfer is due to medical coating, whether on long course of use of lens, the medical coating will get diminished or will it remain the same.

yours faithfully,
V. Keerthana

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How do contact lenses worn at night correct vision?
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