Philosophy of Science

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Philosophy of Science
« on: 25/11/2004 22:34:15 »
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Re: Philosophy of Science
« Reply #1 on: 30/11/2004 16:18:32 »
I have just found out my friend Roger Y Gouin has died
a great loss for humanity and myself.

"fight fight fight they do to say who is right"

I do not care who thinks they are right, i care about
the facts of nature and who explains them best. Roger
has answered more questions from nature than anyone has
in the last 200 years. does this make him right? well
it makes him more right than any human being in history.

we can ignore his ideas, but why, society is a mess the truth,
in fact everything is a mess. our medical system that thinks
it's so good when they haven't a grasp on reality. they cannot cure
the diseases we had years ago by more thatn tickling them with
chemicals and maybe getting some cures by beleif in the patient.

we are no nearer to understanding disease even if we have half ways
to combat them. we can fight but we do not understand.

Humanity is stupid beyond beleif for not realising the chinese
medicine way has a lot of answers to disease. to ignore the chinese
way is extreme stupidity. to not try and combine the medicines of
east and west is manslaughter for mankind. the east see's our medicine
but we think we are better and ignore their's

holistic life, who you are but western medicine sees us as seperated
components without a central controller.

do you see yourself as a couple of lungs a heart a brain nervous system etc
or do you see yourself as you. it hurts you when you cut yourself, IT HURTS YOU, you do not feel sympathy for your finger although i think you should.

we are stupid not to follow the holistic idea, and drug companies make more
and more money filling us with chemicals they "think" we need. we need beleif
in ourselves and who we are and our bodies can tackle anything.

we are stupid in the west, we are stupid,

life but not as western medicine knows it

I feel for the loss of my friend and humanities loss,
it fills my eyes with tears to see my friend gone,

tears for him, tears for myself, and tears for humanity

The greatest visionary to live,

Roger Y gouin