Camera bargain

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Camera bargain
« on: 17/06/2008 16:07:24 »
Is anyone considering purchasing the small bargain Vivitar camera advertised by Amazon.
I Did and was well pleased with it but don't load the driver software that comes with it !!!!!,
I did and it destroyed the XP32 SP3 system on my AMD64 computer including the documents and settings and made me about a days work to get going again.


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Camera bargain
« Reply #1 on: 17/06/2008 16:45:13 »
I can't believe how cheap a reasonable digital camera is nowadays !.....I can see some on Amazon for 30 quid !!

My Old Sony is about 7 years old now and though a bit slow to start up with compared to the new ones of today (and it has a tiny screen too) still performs's only 4mp !

Though, the idea of just spending a few quid for a new one is very appealing !

Presumably your system syhprum just recognises it as an extra hard drive then eh ?...glad you sorted the issues out !
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