Why Are My Fingers Different Lengths ?

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Why Are My Fingers Different Lengths ?
« on: 20/06/2008 01:12:30 »
Dear Finger Licking Friends,

See this hand ?


It's a fine hand, a good hand....a reliable hand....does what it does and does it very well !...

"Thank EWE Hand, you're my mate !"
"You're welcome....now ask the question and piss off !! "
"Sheesh !!.........ok "

So...OK...why is it that my fingers are different lengths ?.....I mean...apart from the thumb...there really is not that much difference between the fingers in length is there ?...I'm looking at them now......exercising them....I think I could get by if they were all the same !!

Have there been experiments done where people were made to get by with the same length digits ?...and if not...*slams hand on table* Why not ?

Whajafink ?

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Why Are My Fingers Different Lengths ?
« Reply #1 on: 20/06/2008 16:13:06 »
It would be difficult to adjust a pen in ones hands if the fingers were all the same length.. try it.. I see I can pick up things but it is difficult. I had a co worker a few years ago who had had his fingers cut off in a machine... they were chopped straight off and due to the destruction of the tips in the machine he lost them all the three next to pinkie were severed to pinky length, leaving his pinky and thumb in tack! basically he had 4 the same length.. he had full movement but still they were gone at a bit over the second knuckle. He said it was difficult adjusting things in his hand etc.. little things with grip etc that were different in the way he used them.He said dealing with intricate things were hard like fixing a chain for his wife , necklace etc.. as the lengths used to help him manipulate small items!

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