Do low level endorphins reduce the feeling of pain?

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Lisa Faulhammer

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Lisa Faulhammer asked the Naked Scientists:

First off I want to say that I am in love with your show! Its the best podcast out there - I listen to you while running and causes my workouts to fly by!

I just recently watched a TV show on how our bodies react under extreme conditions. They explained how the brain can release endorphins to block pain in order to be able to move the body until "safe." An example was this woman who fell while hiking and broke both of her legs didn't feel any pain until she reached help after dragging her body for 2 days.

My question is: When we eat chocolate, exercise etc, do things that release endorphins, do we feel less pain? Are they released in lower dosages so pain may not feel as intense?

What do you think?


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Do low level endorphins reduce the feeling of pain?
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More endorphins less pain , but girl nature is really stingy with them, for a good reason!

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