cell signaling question help

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cell signaling question help
« on: 26/06/2008 14:54:51 »
I have a cell signaling problem: a drug (receptor unknown) suppresses cAMP below the basal level.  When cells were treated with forskolin plus the drug, somehow no suppression of the forskolin-stimulated cAMP was observed.  This has been repeated.  I just wonder why this happened.  Is there anyone who can help me in this??  Thank you.


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cell signaling question help
« Reply #1 on: 30/06/2008 18:11:08 »
Welcome to the forum.. I can't help you but do give it some time someone with some knowledge will be along soon to help you!
If you chane your subject title into the form of a question which gives indication to the problem it will be more easily accessed by the software and will get better response.. Pose your Questions in subject title as questions. :)

Hang tight..

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cell signaling question help
« Reply #2 on: 13/08/2009 15:30:40 »
Can you give more data?

What was the ratio of administered forskolin and the drug?
Was there no suppression at all, or just a lot less than expected?

It could be possible that the affinity of forskolin is much higher than the suppressing drug and displaces the drug, followed by the fact that the drug does not have an effect on cAMP-forskolin complex.
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cell signaling question help
« Reply #3 on: 13/08/2009 16:32:39 »
Yes more data please!

 As  Nizzle suggested ossible that the forskolin gradient was at a level too high for the concentration of the drug gradient to suppress it,but I am guessing you have tried it at different gradients.  Or the affinity for forskolin was greater than for the drug.

Possibly the forskolin has an affect on the drugs receptor either by competitive or non-competitive inhibition, or possibly by changing structure in another way.
Was there absolutely no suppression at all? Or just very minimal?
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