Could our universe be composed of a number of black holes?

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Kevin S

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Kevin  asked the Naked Scientists:

Dear Dr. Chris Smith,

Firstly, you have a wonderful podcast! Such a great use of the medium; and an excellent means of generating interest in science at large!  My question is regarding black holes and a theory I imagined about the universe.  (Mind you, I am not a scientist.  I studied theatre in college and have a penchant for unfounded delusions.)  However...
Is it possible that our universe could be composed of a large number of black holes -- each engaged in an "osmosis of matter" -- much like a grouping of water droplets?

Just an odd idea that I have not the know-how to dispel.  Please, give me some insight so that I might stop thinking that I hold the key to the universe.  Thank you!


Berkeley, California

What do you think?
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Could our universe be composed of a number of black holes?
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I do not think that it is possible to answer your question because You have not described in enough detail what your idea is and how it all fits together to get the results that science has already found out. You have also used an expression "osmosis of matter"  which makes absolutely no sense in current scientific thinking.   I strongly reccommend that you learn a lot more about how the universe works according to current theories and then if you have not found the answer to your question you can at least describe it in terms that are clearly and unambiguously understandable.
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Could our universe be composed of a number of black holes?
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 Hello Dr. Kevin,

Your question is a valid one and many astrophysicists speculate that our universe might be a huge black hole our even have come into existence as a white hole in the form of the singularity of the big bang


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