Try this influencing, by good or bad thoughts

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Try this influencing, by good or bad thoughts
« on: 08/07/2008 11:32:31 »
For lack of a better, place to post I had. post it here.


Try this with a few friends next time you are in a group.

Ask one of the groups to put their one arm firmly horizontal with fist lightly clenched.

 (The one with the arm outstretched, must not know what the group is trying to achieve)

The whole group must think beautiful happy peaceful loving glorious thought at the person selected secretly to outstretch their arm in the correct manner.

What the arm carefully for a brief moment and then try your uttermost to project hateful evil depraved nasty horrible hurtful ugly thought at your poor victim, look carefully at the outstretched arm.

What you will see when beautiful thoughts are projected the arm stays firm and horizontal to the floor.

When you project bad thoughts, the arm will wilt our sink a little. Try it.

You can reverse the order negative thoughts first and it should still work.

Try it sometime and report back.



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