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« on: 20/12/2004 19:49:52 »
Hello, my chemistry teacher couldn't answer this question for me, so I hope someone will be able to. I must apologize for my English, as it's not my first language. So here's the question:

The mole mass of air is about 29 grams/mole
However the ozone has a mole mass of 3*16=48 grams/mole
So I guess it should just descent to the ground. How come ozone is still above the air we breathe?

Thank you for the answer :)


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Re: Ozone/air
« Reply #1 on: 21/12/2004 14:24:47 »
It does descent towards the ground.

Ozone (O3) is produced constantly in the upper atmosphere as long as the sun is shining, and since ozone is heavier than air, it begins to fall earthward. Ozone is unstable, its life span is about 20 minutes, depending on the temperature. It stays longer in a cooler environment. It soon reverts back to oxygen (O2).

http://www.falconblanco.com/health/ozone/use.htm [nofollow]
http://www.iuoe.org/cm/iaq_general.asp?Item=330 [nofollow]