Is Dry Yeast Alive or Dead ?...or inbetween ? (and other yeats questions )

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Dear Yeastologists !

All my Bread Rolls seemed so far away,
Now it looks as Dough  will make me bake,
Oh, I believe in Yeasterday.

Thank Ewe Paul McCartney !

see this yeast ?


Nice eh ?

I've been known to make the occasional loaf and I have a few questions about yeast !

Is dry yeast alive ?....if not ....what is it then  ?
Is yeast prerequisite for bread making ?...what happens if I don't ewese it ?
What does the yeast do and is it still alive and well in the finished loaf ?
It's also used in the making of beer yes ?..what role does it play making beer stuff ?
Is it all related to yeast infections ?...if so...can one get a yeast infection from playing with dry yeast ?

Yeast must be a hardy beast yes ?

Sorry for all the questions !

Today I'm interested in yeast !!

Thank ewe

Yeast Yodeler

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LOL LOL.. Love the tune Neily! LOL..

Yeast in its dry form is dormant kind of like I feel life on earth was once before the big bang... I think perhaps like yeast water aand sugars activate it much like water and minerals did for earth.. Like Andrews post about a tankard of waste water poured over the desert and voila.. Life!

Anyway it lies dormant in a dry state and is activated and begins growing with water and sugar.

Secondly you can make unleavened breads or breads that use baking powder instead of yeast , flat breads etc... They are also very good!

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