The expension of the universe black, white holes etc.

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Hello people,

My musings take to me the idea of our universe might have originating out of a white hole from another universe.

Our maybe the universe is expanding because it is in the grip of a a unimaginable massive black hole, that we an not see because we are embedded within it,

The universe might be in the process of being squeezed into a super super black hole.

Or maybe it is just a white or black hole itself.

I know all this has been speculated over and over again but that does not mean the forum can not have its own bash at it.

Perhaps the new massive particle collider in Switzerland will give us a better idea when it becomes on line and possible give us a peek of the the primoredial universe

Back to the primordial beginning where Einstein logic might fail.

If space time is fabric with enough energy it can be distrorted or bent.



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