Why are men more prone to kidney stones?

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Paul Anderson

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Why are men more prone to kidney stones?
« on: 18/07/2008 10:05:25 »
Paul Anderson  asked the Naked Scientists:

I have just heard on the BBC that the Americans say that with the rising temperatures around the world there will be more cases of kidney stones, and they said it was more likely to be men who suffer from kidney stones rather than women.

Why are men more prone to kidney stones? Is it hormonal or what? If a survey were to be done with a group of gay men and a group of heterosexual men, would it be found that the gay men had less problems with kidney stones?

After all, in a family, presumably the wife cooks the tea and both the husband and wife eat the same food, unless it is a cross racial marriage where the husband refuses to eat kimchee, chop suey, curry, or whatever, and so the wife eats her food and the husband eats his food.


What do you think?


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Why are men more prone to kidney stones?
« Reply #1 on: 18/07/2008 14:56:54 »
Kidney stones are formed by salts in urine, dehydration would increase the concentration of these salts and the likelihood of a stone forming.
In a warmer climate dehydration is more common than in a cooler one, explaining why kidney stone incidence increases with temperature.

Life style may determine why males are more likely to develop kidney stones:
a male manual labourer, (particularly working outdoors), is more likely to become dehydrated at work than "her indoors".
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