How does quinine benefit night time cramps?

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How does quinine benefit night time cramps?
« on: 21/07/2008 01:54:23 »
I have been prescribed 200mg quinine sulphate tabs for night cramps.

Trouble is, I also get them during the day. [>:(]

I have been taking them for 4 days now and there seems to be no change in my condition except they leave a bad bitter taste in the mouth that seems to stay for ages.

Has anyone had any experience in taking them as I'm not sure about the time scales in taking them and how long it takes for them to be effective. Trouble is with the UK surgeries now you never seem to get to see the same doctors and each seems to have their own ideas. Wiki can also be a bad thing to use as it can be a bit scary on some subjects, 27,300 hits on why its bad! so..

Any info from anyone taking them would be appreciated as I'm not sure if I want, or should carry on with them.

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Re: How does quinine benefit night time cramps?
« Reply #1 on: 21/07/2008 02:43:42 »
Editor's comment: oral quinine is currently accepted in the UK as being appropriate for use in nocturnal leg cramps, for ambulatory patients. It reduces their frequency by about 25%. Patients should be closely monitored for toxic effects however, especially during the early stages of treatment, and treatment should be interrupted regularly to assess need for further use (BNF 52).

Don't stop this treatment without consulting your doctor first.
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Re: How does quinine benefit night time cramps?
« Reply #2 on: 04/02/2010 03:32:45 »
Based on a small number of patients, quinine (200 to 300 mg/day) reduces number of nocturnal leg cramps, but not severity or duration in general...

The safest quinine is the whole herb, not the sulphate extract.  You can buy it in 200, 260 and 325 mg strengths.