What's the function of the magnets found in DVD player?

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I dismantled a DVD player and found two pieces of magnets with a black line on each of them. There is also a lens with four fine copper wires connected, and a laser with a few tinted lenses for reflection.
 [:)]Okay, my question is why there are lines on the magnets what's the use of the magnet?


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What's the function of the magnets found in DVD player?
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The magnets may be part of the linear motor used to move the laser & sensor (lens) across the DVD.

Do not power up a dismantled DVD player as the laser (which may be invisible infra-red) could damage your eyesight (retina).

Sled - The mechanism on which the optical pickup is mounted. The sled provides the means by which the optical pickup can be moved across the disc during normal play or to locate a specific track or piece of data. The sled is supported on guide rails and is moved by either a worm or ball gear, a rack and pinion gear, linear motor, or rotary positioner similar to what is in a modern hard disk drive - in increasing order of performance. 

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