Oil exploration sonar leading whales and dolphins to death

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Beached whales killed by Man's abundant stupidity - Though the debate is by no means raging, as dolphins, whales and seals harmed by our military and oil exploration activities continue to die, because of us, but here is a tonne of evidence about what has been going on for far too long.

Ignoring the plight of dolphins and whales for over 5 years - We have been aware of the damage we can do to marine mammals since at least 2002, but we are more interested in sucking every bit of energy out of the planet and arming ourselves to the teeth tha we are with looking after the world which keeps us alive.

Mass stranding of dolphins - Only a couple of months ago, 20 dolphins died in Cornwall because of human stupidity
newbielink:http://www.politicsdebate.co.uk/politics33.html [nonactive]

This is a very serious problem and if we don't start writing to our political representatives and having protests against oil exploration methods which harm wildlife, they will do it so much that some species of whale which are endangered may die out. There is too little interest in this problem. Dolphins have been driven to their deaths by military exercises, but the oil explorations are far worse a problem, and what happens to whales is even more twisted than what happens to dolphins.


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Oil exploration sonar leading whales and dolphins to death
« Reply #1 on: 29/03/2011 20:42:16 »
Yes it seriuos apparently this year there have been hundreads of young newly born dolphin washing on the shores of america.

What am I doing thinking about science?


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