What condition would the spacecraft that landed on Venus be in?

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Randal in Houston TX USA

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Randal in Houston TX USA asked the Naked Scientists:

If you went to visit the Soviet spacecraft that landed on Venus (Vega and
Venera series), what condition would they be in?  Would the temperature,
pressure, and acidity of the Venusian atmosphere have seriously damaged or destroyed them?

What do you think?


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They would almost certainly be seriously damaged, but probably not completely destroyed, in the sense of being reduced to dust.  I believe they were only expected to work for a few hours or so after touch-down anyway, not because they were badly made, but because of the factors you mention.
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it would be an interesting exercise to try and design electronics etc that would function for any length of time at the ambient temperature of the Venusion surface (500C and 90 Bar)' valve technology might just about work but I cannot think how any computer like function could be made to work.
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