Color of the Sky

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Color of the Sky
« on: 02/01/2005 13:01:37 »
I read that the human can only see certain spectrums of color and for this reason, humans see a blue sky.

What color is the sky...really?
Would it be the color of a rainbow, if our eyes were capable of seeing the other light spectrums?


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Re: Color of the Sky
« Reply #1 on: 02/01/2005 13:28:50 »
Hi Rose.....welcome here......that's a good question  ' what colour is the sky really ? '.....I think that could apply to anything us humans see as (like you have said) our eyes can only detect certain parts of the spectrum.....but I don't think there is a true colour of anything !! we share the planet with other species of animal that also see the world in a completely different way , ie: insects, canines...we all perceive the world with different aspects, not to mention the various instruements that can detect a far wider part of the spectrum.

  I'm not an expert but I hope a passing 'sky colour scientist' will venture forth with some good advice.

You could probably extend your question into smell and touch  etc as the same subjectivity applies  dependent on the species.

I did find this link as to why the sky is blue and lets hope we get some proper answers eh ?

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Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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Re: Color of the Sky
« Reply #2 on: 03/01/2005 01:02:58 »
The sky would be the "color" of ultraviolet, band A, if we could see it. Just above band A, the atmospheric attenuation becomes extreme, and is rather significant  all the way to gamma. This is very good, since it shields us from these dangerous rays.
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