How accurate is forensic facial reconstruction?

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Paul Anderson

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How accurate is forensic facial reconstruction?
« on: 29/07/2008 08:40:54 »
Paul Anderson  asked the Naked Scientists:

Hi Chris and team,

The local police are talking of facial reconstruction to help establish the identity of bones found in the bush.

How accurate is facial reconstruction, because there are so many variables.

For example, I was sitting on the bus yesterday going to work and the person in front of me was all dressed up for winter, but I could see on the left some saggy facial cheeks and I am not sure even now if it were a male of a female!

This query also applies to dinosaur reconstruction as well.

What do you think?


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How accurate is forensic facial reconstruction?
« Reply #1 on: 29/07/2008 13:55:13 »
They use tissue depth data determined by race, gender, and age, and measure the skull to determine nose thickness/length, mouth thickness/width, and eye placement. Other indications like lifestyle and geographic location can provide some general clues to what the skin may look like.