Is hydrogen created from subatomic particles somewhere in the universe?

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Ruwan asked the Naked Scientists:

If universe has always existed like some people believe, shouldn't all the hydrogen in the universe by now be changed into say helium or some other heavier elements? Or are there some places in the universe that make hydrogen from other sub atomic particles?

What do you think?
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The hydrogen that we have around us was one of the (most abundant) products of the big bang.

It is slowly fusing to form helium - in stars - but there is still a lot of it about because without a star fusion isn't feasible due to the intense heat and pressure required.

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Hydrogen is being created all the time:
a solitary neutron has a half life measured in minutes
It decays into an electron and a proton (hydrogen).
There are many ways a neutron can leave the stability of the nucleus two very common causes are cosmic ray or alpha particle collisions
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