Why do I think and reason in another language?

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Why do I think and reason in another language?
« on: 09/08/2008 13:11:46 »
Mark asked the Naked Scientists:

Hi love your show, i've been hearing your podcasts for about a year and
they are great!!!

Nowadays I don't have a regular sleep schedule seeming I may go to work earlier 6am and go to college and come home late... or vice versa.

Often enough i don't tend to be tired during the whole day... and normally i don't go to bed before 00:00h/01:00h, but in the morning... sometimes I don't even hear my alarm clock going off.

Aside from this apparently I tend to talk, yell and swear a lot (mostly in English) and sit in my bed, never remembering any of this the next day.

(A bit of backround: I'm 28, born in Canada, stayed there until i was 13
years old, and came to Portugal were I'm still living. Mostly nowadays Ii
tend to rationalise in Portuguese, even in maths where before i would do in English).

So my questions are:

1- Can I make myself be more of a morning person, and not feel so sleepy in the morning, and feel more tired at night?

2- Can this desregulation of my sleeping schedule be afected by having been born in Canada and be living in Portugal?

3- Why is it that I sleep talk in english, when I'm completly at ease with
the portuguese language?

4- Are these things considered normal?

Thanks for the great shows.

Mark Manata

What do you think?


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Why do I think and reason in another language?
« Reply #1 on: 15/10/2008 06:09:26 »
I think it is terribly important what language you learn to speak as a child and that influences the "default" language that you are likely to think or dream in. Imagine that it is the template that is being used when your brain is first developing.

Sean Mahoney