Gravity, what is it?

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Gravity, what is it?
« on: 23/08/2008 05:29:44 »
I have a question. This is coming from someone with zero physics background or education. I am just someone who enjoys reading, learning and thinking.

Is there anyway that gravity is simply the amplified form of the forces that bind atoms together...determined,in my mind, by the density and or mass of the object? Can the force become stronger the more atoms there are and the closer they are together and weaker the farther the distance between them becomes? (Spreading out in a wave pattern, weakening like gravity in proportion to distance)
As I mentioned, I have no physics background and am a very casual learner, so please feel free to say....NO! ....your way off base.

Any response from someomne more educated on the subject than I, would be greatly appreciated!


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Gravity, what is it?
« Reply #1 on: 23/08/2008 18:38:57 »
Firstly gravity is vastly weaker than the forces that bind atoms together and is only signoficant for very large lumps of material kie planets and stars. sp you basig thinking is incorrect.

It is generally agreed that the best way to describe gravity is that it is a very slight warping of the fabric of space-time itself by the presence of a significant mass.
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